Toxic kind of love

“You need to be distracted”,
“Don’t pay attention to whatever you see around him,
Or he may leave you”, that’s the advice they gave her,
So she close her eyes to his short comings,
Everybody has their flaws, she told herself,
So she stayed ,
He doesn’t like expressing his feelings openly, she said in his defense, or more like consoling herself,
So she stayed, settling for less.
She does not really mean to slap him, it was just a reflex action ,
So he took her back, in tears,
After all, who wants to be alone,
Patches and holes everywhere,
When will you know your worth,
When will you leave?



Broken promises, words not kept,
Broken hearted, still mending,
Pains of the past still relieving,
Afraid? Yes, may be,
Afraid if she let go of the past , she will have nothing to hold on to,
Afraid? Yes, may be,
Afraid if he let go of the pain, he will be forced to really take a look at himself.
So they hold on to yesterday memory,
But it time to let go, for yesterday is gone,
And all we have is now.


Being alone

Uncertainty everywhere, no guarantee that
It will work out
Promises fails. Fear of being alone
Terrified, willing to stay with someone
That betrayed your trust.
So afraid that you are willingly to be treated
As less than you are.
Being disrespected is better than being alone
You say.
Don’t you know there is power in being alone,
Don’t you know you can do so much more
Alone ?
No one has the power to shatter your dreams
Except you gave it to them.



Some are born with gifts , some learn it, writing for me is a gift that the creator as entrusted in my hands. Right from my childhood I knew I love to write stories and poems, I have vivid imagination of things, everything speaks to me, and so I started writing.

Over the years I stopped and the inspiration went away with it, but a major change happened to me several years later, and some how I find my voice again, somehow I find myself writing again. Now I can’t stop even if I want to, because I realized that there is someone out there that needs my words.

So nurture, cherish your gifts, it may end up to be your calling in life, yes it may not fetch you money like you desire in the beginning , but it will definitely announce you to the world soon

I love you, and rooting for you.